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Rider – Mulan Hua
Mulan Hua was a woman in China who chose to enter the army in her father’s stead, as she thought him too old to enter into service again. She disguised herself as a man and spent ten years fighting the Mongol hordes and lost many comrades, all the while keeping her true identity a secret. She became known for being the swiftest horse-rider in the whole of the Chinese empire which was probably due to her lighter body weight in comparison to her male counterparts. When her ten years of service had come to an end Mulan met with the Emperor, who offered her a high-ranking military title and a position in the government. She turned the Emperor’s offers down and asked only for a swift mount to carry her home, as she no longer desired to devote herself to the charade of a life that she was living. A few of her comrades decided to pay her a visit before they went out fighting again and were shocked to see Mulan as a woman. When word reached the Emperor, he was embarrassed that he had offered her a position of power in his government and ordered Mulan Hua to be executed in order to prevent his humiliation from spreading throughout the empire. The heroic spirit of Mulan Hua is a beautiful young woman with black hair and purple eyes.

Strength: +1
Endurance: +2
Agility: +3
Mana: +0
Luck: +3

Riding – Rank: A++
This is the ability to ride beasts and vehicles. At this rank, she is capable of handling any form of mount be it an animal or an object; not even the race of dragons is above her skill-level to ride.

Military Tactics – Rank: C
Tactical instinctive ability used not for one-on-one combat, but in a battlefield where many are mobilized. Advantageous modifiers are provided in situations when executing one's own anti-army Noble Phantasms or in dealing with the opponent's anti-army Noble Phantasm.

Bravery – Rank: C+
This ability allows Mulan to ignore many mind-affecting enchantments and gives bonuses to fighting ability when fighting a superior foe.

Disengage – Rank: B
Disengage is the ability to escape battle. It can also turn an unfavorable battle to the beginning, and restores the conditions of techniques to their initial states.

Noble Phantasms – Rank: A+
Li’s Spear
Rank: --
Type: Anti-Unit
This is the spear of Mulan’s commander, General Li, the man that she married after the war was over. It was given to her as a wedding gift to symbolize the time that they shared together, and although it is not a true Noble Phantasm, she can use it to battle on par with other Servants.

Wu Xing – The Five-Fold Beast
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army
In honor of Mulan Hua, the Jade Emperor in Heaven created a beast that could take the form of any of the five guardian beasts of China. He gave the beast the name Wu Xing, or “Five Phases,” and created a saddle that would only allow Mulan to ride the mount. The five forms it can take are that of the wood-dragon Qing Long, the fire-bird Zhu Que, the metal-tiger Bai Hu, the water-tortoise Xuan Wu, and the earth-qilin Huang Long.
I find it funny that one of my players guessed that Mulan was a Servant before I even finished making the game, and they actually didn't meet the Servant until halfway through the war. No one actually learned her real identity until the very end, and just about everyone freaked out because someone had guessed her.

Rider's Mistress was Haruka Tosaka, unknown younger sister of Marta Lualdi and the Tosaka family's heir. Haruka ended up being a fairly well-developed character by the end of the war, but being an NPC's Servant and having so many players made it hard to focus on Mulan. She was very obedient to Haruka, and it was when they were trying to escape from battle that Archer shot at them and caused the fall of a skyscraper which would mark the first casualties of the Seventh Holy Grail War.

For all of her frailties and lesser abilities compared to some of the other Servants, Mulan managed to survive until the end of the war with her Mistress, although she was severely injured in her final fight against Archer.

Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, and all contained therein are copyrighted to Kinoko Nasu and his company, Type-Moon.

Fate/last guardian, Fate/forever wishes, and Mulan Hua the Rider-class Servant are copyrighted to me.
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GenghisQuan Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
So...does her agility make her swift as the coursing river?
ChojinRyu750 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Freaking sweet I was thinking of doing mulan as a rider at some point :)
AltrumDissidia Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
Nicely done.
KimikoToudaiji Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mulaaaaaaan! I adore her story, you've chosen the perfect Rider!
TorinKurai Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
I'm glad you like her!
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