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Lancer – Vlad Tepes
Better known as Vlad III the Impaler, or even better as Dracula, Vlad Tepes was a prince of a province in Romania when he was alive. He was known as “the Impaler” because he punished his enemies and breakers of the law by impaling their heads on wooden pikes that he placed outside his castle. He was actually a well-liked prince by the people, even though they feared him a little. Even so he was eventually betrayed by some of closer guardians and advisors and was killed. It is said that he made a deal with the Devil to come back the world, doomed to wander without a soul or true life forever. Vlad has long black hair and black eyes, and he dresses like a Romanian nobleman in blood-red clothing.

Strength: +3
Endurance: +4
Agility: +4
Mana: +3
Luck: -5

Independent Action – Rank: A+
This is the capacity of Servants to subsist without a Master. Vlad does not require mana to be supplied to him by his Master to preserve his existence on the plane of reality, as he can live off the lifeforce of other living humans by drinking blood to sustain the mana he needs.

Charisma – Rank: (B) A++
Vlad III the Impaler was well liked when he was alive, and after he came back to life he gained a supernatural increase of charisma that allows him to control the minds of the weak-willed.

Battle Continuation – Rank: A+
Battle Continuation is the ability to stay alive. It allows for battle even on the verge of death, and allows the user to stay alive until they receive a clearly fatal blow. At this rank, Dracula can continue fighting even after receiving a fatal blow. He will die if he takes several fatal blows or if his head is removed or a stake is driven through his heart (a parallel to his favorite punishment).

Magic Resistance – Rank: B
This rank of resistance nullifies all magic that requires less than two verses. It cannot block large-scale magic such as great magic or ritual magic.

Monstrous Strength – Rank: A
This ability is possessed by demons and mystic beasts; it boosts Strength by one rank for a time-limit that depends on one's ranking in this skill.

Noble Phantasms – Rank: A+
God’s Unwanted Son – Life of Lost Souls
Rank: A
Type: Support
Dracula’s pact with the Satan gave him immortality as long as he consumes human blood to nourish himself. Because of the demonic nature of this pact, Dracula’s body is adverse to sunlight and all of his abilities drop one rank while he is exposed. It is true that he can die, but each death for God’s Unwanted Son is merely temporary, and his body reforms after one day. Dying does not break the pact with his Master, although it does leave them Servant-less for a whole day, and he may awaken to find his Master destroyed.

Kazıklı Bey – Ten Thousand Impaling Pikes
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army
The Impaler Prince was given the class of Lancer because of this ability. Vlad Tepes is able to summon thousands of pikes out of any piece of land in order to impale his enemies.

Order of the Dragon – The Monster’s Many Forms
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Unit (Self) or Anti-Army (Self)
The nature of Dracula’s cursed death also gives him the power of shapeshifting. At this rank of ability he is able to change into any normal animal with demonic enhancement, or even into a swarm of lesser beasts. This ability includes his true vampire form, which is more demonic and powerful than other vampires.

Dracul’s Throne – The Dragon Rears its Head
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Fort (Self)
This ability is so powerful that is considered separate from his other shapeshifting ability. The amount of mana required for this Noble Phantasm is obscene. This power allows Dracula to assume the form of a full-fledged adult dragon, capable of taking out most heroes easily.
Lancer here is probably the most evil and overpowered thing next to the final boss which I will get to later. Lancer's original Master was Kaito Tosaka. When Kaito used his command spells on foolish things, Lancer deemed him unworthy and took his life. He actually broke Kaito's neck from the force of his bloodsucking.

Later Vlad became Shinju's second Servant until he was eventually killed off by the remaining Servants and Masters when they all teamed up against him and Akane Makiri near the end of the story.

I've always loved vampires, and Dracula is probably the most well-known. This version of Dracula is partially based upon the version from Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula, and his shapeshifting ability is based upon Alucard's from Hellsing.

Nasu has worked with vampires before (see Tsukihime), but I believed his representation of Dracula to be poor. I had about as much fun making this Servant as I could...although it made me think that in the future I'll have to tone down how much I overpower some things. *cough*

Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, and all contained therein are copyrighted to Kinoko Nasu and his company, Type-Moon.

Fate/forever wishes and Vlad Tepes, the Lancer-class Servant, are copyrighted to me.
AltrumDissidia Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
Uh. Actually Vlad is a servant you fight against in Fate/Extra (I fucking hate him for his cheapness though a lot better than Spammy McSkill Skill Berserker of the Rani Path, worst fight ever :furious:) He's also a character in Fate/Apocrypha [link] Vlad Fate/Extra is [link]
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